Automotive Grade Advanced Driver Assistance System

The MINIEYE X1 is an automotive-grade advanced driver assistance product that satisfies the demand of OEM market

Five Functions

Forward Collision Warning

Lane Departure Warning

Headway Monitoring Warning

Pedestrian Collision Warning

Speed Limit Indicator

The FCW and LDW system meet the standard of JT/T 883-2014

Download: MINIEYE X1 Product Manual

OEM Market

Authorized Certification

X1 meets the requirements of ISO 11452, JT/T 883-2014 and GB 1152

Qualified Automotive-Grade ADAS Sensors

X1 is an automotive-grade product and its chip conforms to the rule of AEC-Q100 standard, which guarantees the stability and safety of X1

Superior Algorithms

After five-year research, our network compression ThiNet and neural network HardNet, which are developed independently by MINIEYE, are dedicated to optimizing the vision algorithms

Since 2013, MINIEYE has accumulated a dataset of over 13 million kilometers, including road conditions of cities and towns with different economic situations and weather conditions all year around

Design and test of vision algorithms can meet the requirements of ISO 17361-2007 and ISO 22839-2013

Our algorithm is able to recognize image under various situations such as night, cloudy days, rainy days, snowy days and backlight; is able to recognize all vehicles in China and the effective distance could reach 110 meters above; is able to recognize yellow, white, solid, dash, single or double lane markings with all kinds of line widths

Sensor Fusion

X1 supports signal fusion with millimeter-wave radar and LIDAR to improve the precision of visual recognition and robustness

X1 can further support functions such as Autonomous Emergency Braking(AEB), Auto Cruise Control(ACCC) and Lane Keep Assist(LKA)

Customized service

Our customized service supports specific optimization of algorithms according to different demands of clients. We also support customized protocol development and offer warning dataset for clients

System Integration

By connecting and sharing X1’s recognition result and warning signals with vehicle-mouted systems, drivers can enjoy various interactive effects to improve driving experiences


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