As a leading collision prevention warning product, exclusively for commercial vehicles, M4 can effectively reduce the possibility of traffic accident using monocular-camera-based computer vision technology.

The FCW and LDW system meet the standard of JT/T 883-2014

Download: MINIEYE M4 Product Manual

New Function

Driver Monitoring System(DMS)

Designed to protect the personal and property safety of drivers, DMS can detect fatigue driving, distraction and dangerous driving behaviors such as smoking and making phone calls while driving

ADAS Functions

Forward Collision Warning

Headway Monitoring and Warning

Lane Departure Warning

Optional Functions

Urban Forward Collision Warning

Pedestrian Collision Warning

Speed Limit Indication


Harsh Acceleration/ Deceleration Warning

Harsh Cornering Warning


Urban Forward Collision Warning

Pedestrian Collision Warning

Speed Limit Indication


Harsh Acceleration/ Deceleration Warning

Harsh Cornering Warning

Superior Quality

High-Standard Hardware Design

The design of M4’s hardware passes the reliability testing and considers the compatibility of electromagnetic, power source and environment. MINIEYE manages its production according to the requirement of ISO 16949.

Professional Computer Visual Algorithms

By optimizing neural network algorithm, MINIEYE M4 performs robustly in various situations, like at night, cloudy days, rainy days, snowy days, and backlight.


Easy to Install

Flexible Calibration Method

To effectively get precise warnings, the installation angle and position of the camera should be calibrated. Based on the actual situations of the site, we offer different calibration methods so that the trained installation engineer can flexibly and quickly calibrate.

Speed acquisition

Supports acquiring the speed of vehicles by GPS


High Scalability

MINIEYE M4 supports multiple interfaces such as Ethernet port, RS232, RS485 and CAN output. Besides, there’s a 4G module inside M4 which enables the data to be sent to the cloud directly.


User –Friendly Experiences

Customer can adjust the brightness and sound of DMS’s alert function to reduce its interference to normal driving at the most extent.


Open Warning Data

In order to help customers better manage driving behaviours of drivers, we offer our full warning dataset to fleet management operators, TSP service providers and insurance companies in an appropriate way. Open collision prevention data includes FCW, HMW and LDW incidents, attached with detailed information such as driving status and images when each incident happened.

According to the records of warning incidents, the driving status could be tracked in time;Based on the analysis of numerous warning incidents, the results could be used to analyse the patterns of the driving behaviours.


Cost-Efficient Investment

MINIEYE M4 is affordable for customers. During the process of fleet operation, MINIEYE M4 could let drivers develop the habit to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. It not only reduces the possibility of collision accidents, but also increases fuel efficiency.

According to a study conducted by Israel Securities Authority, the insurance claim rate of vehicles equipped with ADAS is 60% lower than those without ADAS;After transport fleet of Johnson & Johnson used ADAS, its fuel economy increased by almost 80%.

Considering the average cost of collision accidents and fuel consumption, the cost of MINIEYE will be justified within one year. The longer the MINIEYE is used, the greater value it will bring. It is a smart choice for customers to invest the product and service of MINIEYE.



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